The life of a Nashville songwriter is a glamorous parade of hit songs, money, No. 1 parties and awards shows ... or at least, so country music fans think. While those things can and do happen, the reality of the average songwriter's career in Music City is a much darker picture in 2016.

Marc Alan Barnette

A lot of reasons people get hung up on lyrics is because they are trying too hard to make a "statement" in each line. The result is usually very poetic lines that really don't mean a lot past a few words strung together. They don't sound conversational and actually end up sounding very contrived like many, many, other songs and poems out there. You should first think about your potential LISTENER and how you can make your lyrics convey what you want to them.


This is a recollection of playing at the Bluebird Cafe by Marc Alan Barnette:

The Bluebird last night was as always amazing. Working with my great buddies, Jeffery Hudson, Heino Moeller, and our new friend, Jesse Clement, was another one of those ethereal experiences. The songs were fun touching and we all had a blast. Thank you so much Jeff, for putting that together. GEtting to play with you and Heino is always a great time! And good to hear you Jesse. You did good. Thanks to Rex, your Dad, for bringing you to us.

Marc Alan Barnette

"I just want to write my songs" or "I just want to do what I do.." are some of the 'most often made" comments I hear from young and newer songwriters or artists that are trying to find their way into the music business. They just want to "be who they are" and be paid for it. Nice work if you can get it, but MOST PEOPLE CAN'T.

Chris Gantry

What a wonderful occupation songwriting is simply for the fact that you can't show anyone how to do it.
If I were manufacturing a car I could show you how it was done, but with songwriting there is no manual.

At Belmont college I hear there are songwriting classes. The heart of true songwriting lies in the primordial vastness of being a vessel for things not of this earth..When one is involved with the unknown, one realizes there are no words to describe what makes the unknown happen, all one can say is, "I don't know", that's honesty.

Marc Alan Barnette

It is one of the most hotly debated subjects when it comes to songwriting in the modern age. There are two distinct schools of thought. The COPYRIGHT AND REGISTER EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW!!!!! These are usually from newer or less experienced writers and artists, (and their attorneys) who think everything they do is profound and amazing and that there are thousands of people just lying in the weeds waiting to STEAL THEIR IDEAS AND SONGS!!!

Marc Alan Barnette

I’m in a continuous dialogue with writers and artists literally across the world in the importance of “building teams” in their approach to music. Too many feel that the industry, publisher, producers, labels, agents, managers, etc. will come in and set everything right, so they will be able to “do what they do…” Not exactly, We now ALL have to do more than we ever had, and that means you have to BUILD teams.

Marc Alan Barnette

We see it all the time. Someone posts on Facebook or Social media the big news that they are “HEADED TO NASHVILLE” and very excited for their trip. And of course everyone wishes them luck, “Always Knew you’d make it” messages…” pretty much the same all the time. And it IS GREAT! An opportunity to see a VIBRANT city, on the move, tons of exciting things happening, and a lot of people just like themselves, all sharing music, performing, being a part of a CULTURAL MOVEMENT!!!

Chris Gantry

After passing the 55 year mark as an active songwriter who truly hasn't done anything else since i was 17, it really isn't about SONGWRITING anymore,.what comes out of me has morphed into a different art form rather then the usual crafted three minute song,..


I think I have hit a zone with my recent post about playing the BLUEBIRD and so I thought I would put a post on JUST that. For over thirty five years, everyone who has anything to do with songwriting and performing, and specifically Nashville songwriting and performing, have in their sights a goal to "PLAY THE BLUEBIRD CAFE'."