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Marc-Alan Barnette

by Marc Alan Barnette.

I am consistantly asked to explain what I do for a living. "What are these 'tours' you do? Do you drive people around town?
In some cases, yes. I do have a pretty decent knowledge of the history of the town, from the Civil War battlefields in Franklin, to the Music Row, and downtown areas. I've been here nearly 30 years, I AM PART OF THE HISTORY!

 Thoughts of Chris Gantry

To me, Writing should not "lay out the goods ", so to boring to have knowledge spit at you with overtones of "KNOWINGNESS" THAT EMANATE FROM THE PORES OF THE WRITER,..I'm old enough to understand that I know nothing,.and the older I get, the less I know,.which to me, is the sheer beauty of Life. To wind up at the end beautifully Clueless ,.

Thoughts of Chris Gantry

One can write their way out of poverty,..time put in to developing one's talent is the barometer for success,.. one finds that over time incites become keener,.perceptions soar,.combinations of words once exasperating to put together become easier to determinate,.writing in my estimation is best done sober,.for some, putting that extra glaze over the mind is a prescription for a creative outburst,..sometimes the glaze works,..most times it doesn't,..

 From the thoughts of Chris Gantry:

The word, "outlaw", pertains to someone who is "outside" the box of conventional "laws" when it comes to creating art, or "True Art as I like to call it.,, The problem with Laws of any kind when it comes to ART, Is that you can so easily create another box, and not see it..

Thoughts by Chris Gantry

Guitars, or any other instrument for that matter just don't bulldog their way into our lives; Musical instruments are the "PLAY HARD TO GET BABIES", of all time,..they defy being tamed,.they are obstinate, unwilling, unbending, and initially cold barren objects until they sense their practitioner is a serious participant, someone intent on relationship;..

 Chris Gantry

There are entrances into things,..secret passages that wind there way into simple mysteries,.pathways that can lead a man or woman in to inexplicable earthly freedoms,..for a musician there is only one way in to the throne room of the great abstract reality called God,..


There is a great secret among songwriters,.kind of like hyroglyphics inscribbed on walls of deep under water caverns,.. even the most pragmatic dictatorial anal- retentive formularistic hack songwriter will ascribe to what I'm going to say,..
There is not a songwriter alive who can profess to know how they write a song,.we can't point to anything except that "IT HAPPENS",.it just happens,.we don't know how or even why songs get written,.they just do,.


This is primarily for all you singers, usually under the age of about 25, but A BUNCH OF YOU WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER, KNOW IT APPLIES TO YOU TOO!

I am constantly listening to singer after singer, on writer's nights, open mics, even some of the bigger songwriters shows that you CAN'T UNDERSTAND A DAMN WORD THEY ARE SAYING!!!! I don't know why so many sing like they have a mouth full of half dried concrete, or think that they are being "ARTISTICALLY INTERESTING" by sounding like Charlie Brown's teacher, "Wah..wah...wah...wah...wah..." That is sooo dramatic!!!!


For any musician, the HOLY GRAIL is THE NAMM SHOW. That is the Yearly new music merchandisers convention where EVERY NEW PRODUCT, GADGET, GUITAR, PA, KEYBOARD, LIGHTS, COMPUTER PROGRAMS, and ever major product is unveiled. There are two. One in Los Angeles, and one here in Nashville.
There are booths, conferences, lectures, and EVERY MAJOR PLAYER, MUSIC RETAILER ARTIST AND STAR ARE THERE!!! Every musician wanders around, with his and her mouth agape, trying to take in every detail. Basically, it is SANTA'S WORKSHOP AND DISNEY LAND ALL WRAPPED INTO ONE THREE DAY MEGA EVENT!!!

Marc Alan Barnette

A huge part of what I do is INJECT REALITY INTO DREAMS. It's not pleasant, but it is nessasary.