Don McNatt

Don Mc Natt showed up one day at Bost Harley Davidson to hear his wife playing the Songwriter Stage. His wife Karen McNatt was scheduled to play that day. We had one of the normal car wrecks with interstate jams that Nashville is so famous for, so one songwriter was late arriving. Don was nice enough to play few songs for us. I was really impressed.

 Lisa Torres

Her is the beautiful Lisa Torres with her brother equally as beautiful Eric. Lisa is a wonderful vocal experience to enjoy.
Here is her song about selling her soul to Nashville played at the Fontanel one evening.
This is a great song!

Brittany Blaire

Here is how to handle a personal relationship that is ending.
I have known Brittany Blaire Andersen for years. She is an actor as well a singer/songwriter and school teacher.
It takes people like this to make up the songwriter community with creative people.
We are so lucky to have folks like her to help add to our songwriting community.
She is just as nice and talented as she is pretty

This is a video of her playing at the world famous Bluebird Cafe.

Sabrina and Tony Marvelli at Antique Archaeology

Here is a wonderful couple Sabrina and Tony Marvelli. These two songwriters are as good as it gets. There is absolute joy on both their faces when you watch their performances.They write great songs and play professionally all over the eastern seaboard. Sabrina and Tony are real favorites to play house parties in Nashville. This video was made while they were in Nashville playing at Mike Wolfe's "Pickin Corner" hosted by Doc Bennett.


Here is one of the best guitar players I have met in Nashville. I was going to the Back Alley Diner in downtown Nashville one evening to see a guy named Johnathan New. I was looking for people to play my Songwriter Stage held each week at the Gibson Fontanel stage. I needed a few more songwriters to fill out the schedule for a few weeks in the future. Jonathan was really good so I scheduled him for a show the following month.

Bex Marshall

This tail-kicking song was played by Bex Marshall at Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale, Mississippi during Juke Joint Festival 2014. Bex rightly tore the place up! Shot on location by Reed R. Radcliffe / TripleRPhotography
I met this lady in Nashville at a fellow musicians home. She is one of those people who light a room up when she walks in. Her personality is similar to the way she plays her resonator guitar. She is a joy to know. She is also one of the finest blues player I have met in Nashville. Enjoy her song "Bite Me" written about her husband Barry Marshall.

Karla Davis

Rarely do I sit and watch a songwriter with my mouth open and hanging on each word of the lyrics. I found myself doing exactly that Saturday evening at the Pavilion Coffee House. Karla Davis is so darn good.
Listen to a killer set of great songs. They are all good but the last one in the set was written for her Dad... it is very moving.. you will love this set of 4 songs.

Taylor Dukes

This is one amazing performance!
Taylor Dukes was in rare form last Saturday evening at the Pavilion Coffee House.
Every song was better than the last. She has the most mellow voice I have heard in years.
Taylor Dukes will be a big hit in this town soon.
Listen to some amazing music .

Terry Wooley

This one of the few times I did not know who I was dealing with. I was out on the internet listening to good songs with lyrics that tells a good story. I ran across a song called "Alabama Gator Oil". It is a song about a bootlegger in northern Alabama. I asked Terry Wooley to play my Songwriter Stage not knowing he was a major songwriter and performer. He was really nice and said sure . When he kicked off his set and I was totally blown away.

Rules to Playing at a Songwriter Stage in Nashville

I saw this written by Gary Cavanauagh about playing in Nashville at an open mic night. I totally agree 100%.He stated 7 great points to remember if you are playing in Nashville or anywhere for that matter. I have held songwriters stages at Bost Harley Davidson and at the Fontanel. There are many things that make your fellow players comfortable and things you can do that will not help you in building your songwriter network. There are several things listed here that is just common sense and a few you may not have thought about.