The Workshop is a place where songwriters join and have twenty four hour access to writing rooms, free of distractions.

Like most good ideas, The Workshop was born out of necessity. Austin Evans moved to Nashville in 2009 and, like many writers trying to pay the bills, got a job waiting tables. Even though he moved here specifically to write songs, he found it increasingly difficult to do. Not because of any lack of inspiration, but between work schedules, room mates, and noise restrictions placed on apartment living, finding time sit down and pen a verse was hard.

Not only that, but in Nashville there are almost no songs on the radio written by one person, and so anyone and everyone will tell you cowriting is highly encouraged. The problem, as most new songwriters learn, is that your first cowrite is often a lot like a first date. It can easily become two people trying to get to know each other and find some common ground between long awkward silences. What makes this even worse is that typically cowrites happen in someone's home.

Enter The Workshop. A membership-driven, twenty four hour songwriting space. Think of it as a twenty four hour gym for songwriters. No matter what your schedule, whenever your free time is, you know you can come here and work. Not only that, but we act as a safe, neutral place for all your cowrites.

Members can bring up to two non-members in on a write so you'll never have to ask “Do you want to write at your place or mine?” ever again. You don't have to worry about playing host or your cowriters shedding cat or their smelly couch, or your partying neighbors ever again.

Here is a video of our shop...

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