Lee Anna Culp

We had several really talented singer/songwriter ladies put together a show called "Girls with Guitars".
Lee Anna Culp played a set of her original songs for us.
She has a wonderful voice singing her well written songs.
Lee Anna is joy to watch. This is a set of 15 min.

Crystal Chandler

I originally met Crystal at Richards Cafe. Besides being a very pretty lady with a firecracker personality she has some special vocal talents that need to be addressed. The first time I saw her play some of her original songs I was amazed. She brought to my mind long lost memories of Janis Joplin. I was blown away while she belted out her songs with bending notes and hyper-personality in each vocal expression.

Don’t Do These Things During a Music Performance.

It’s good to know what you should be doing to advance your music career, but it’s also important to be aware of the things you should avoid.

Music performance no nos

 Harry Hookey

I ran across Harry Hookey in the restaurant at the Fontanel in Oct 2011. Harry was a law student on holiday from Australia with a couple of songwriter friends who were touring America. We were talking before the show at a table while eating an early dinner at the farmhouse restaurant at the Fontanel. He was a really nice guy enjoying his American experience. Tonight was his night to eat Catfish. He was so looking forward to real southern Catfish and Hush puppies.

 Bronson Herrmuth

Learn from these few paragraphs how to look at songwriting if you want to make a living at it.
This is a small excerpt from Bronson's new book "Opening The Closed Door".

Lisa Sanders

Here is Lisa Sanders who was in Nashville while recording a new CD. She was nice enough to grace us with her presence and music. She has been writing for many years and spends her time touring between New York and San Diego playing shows along the way. Lisa is so quiet when talking with her but when she starts singing she cuts loose. Lisa is a wonderfully talented lady.
Here is a set she played at the Fontanel venue. (22 min)

David Crossman

There are times when creating these shows when we get something unexpected. When David Crossman played this song I was so very impressed with not only the lyrics but with melody is really quite extraordinarily good. With his Spanish acoustic nylon stringed guitar without a pickup he played one of the sweetest love songs I have ever heard. In most everyone's life there has been a friend who liked you much more than you ever realized... Here is a wonderful song about such misunderstandings.

The "Road To Music City" Trailer

Here is a trailer for the songwriter project I have been working on. "The Road to Music City"
I have footage of 16 hours of Nashville's best songwriters telling us how and why they are chasing the dream of songwriting in Nashville.
Everyone of these songwriters moved from another state to Nashville to pursue this dream to be a professional songwriter.
These people are living that musical journey not just talking about it. They play in music venues several times each week. Their answers to my questions were very eye opening and surprising from time to time.

Harlan Pease

Let me introduce Harlan Pease singing some of his "Coffee Series" songs. Harlan is from New England and has become one of the better songwriters/performers I have run across. Harlan was named the 2012 " NashvilleEar.com "Best of the Best" songwriter.
This video is him playing at the Pavilion Coffee House a few songs he has written about coffee. Excellent Lyrics with all his songs along with some pretty smooth and fancy guitar playing..

Gerald Smith

Gerald Smith is a Nashville veteran songwriter who has written songs that have been recorded by George Jones, Collin Raye and many more major stars. Most of Gerald's songs are really very funny with fantastic hooks and amusing stories usually about drinking too much. I am as proud of Gerald's appearance as any others we did at the Fontanel venue.