David Crossman

There are times when creating these shows when we get something unexpected. When David Crossman played this song I was so very impressed with not only the lyrics but with melody is really quite extraordinarily good. With his Spanish acoustic nylon stringed guitar without a pickup he played one of the sweetest love songs I have ever heard. In most everyone's life there has been a friend who liked you much more than you ever realized... Here is a wonderful song about such misunderstandings.

The "Road To Music City" Trailer

Here is a trailer for the songwriter project I have been working on. "The Road to Music City"
I have footage of 16 hours of Nashville's best songwriters telling us how and why they are chasing the dream of songwriting in Nashville.
Everyone of these songwriters moved from another state to Nashville to pursue this dream to be a professional songwriter.
These people are living that musical journey not just talking about it. They play in music venues several times each week. Their answers to my questions were very eye opening and surprising from time to time.

Harlan Pease

Let me introduce Harlan Pease singing some of his "Coffee Series" songs. Harlan is from New England and has become one of the better songwriters/performers I have run across. Harlan was named the 2012 " NashvilleEar.com "Best of the Best" songwriter.
This video is him playing at the Pavilion Coffee House a few songs he has written about coffee. Excellent Lyrics with all his songs along with some pretty smooth and fancy guitar playing..

Gerald Smith

Gerald Smith is a Nashville veteran songwriter who has written songs that have been recorded by George Jones, Collin Raye and many more major stars. Most of Gerald's songs are really very funny with fantastic hooks and amusing stories usually about drinking too much. I am as proud of Gerald's appearance as any others we did at the Fontanel venue.

Cody Walden

Cody Walden singing "Please Dont Call My Dad" at the Fontanel for the NashvilleEar.com Songwriter Stage. I love the lyrics and the story this song portrays. I know when I was a kid, if I got into trouble at school I knew it would be worse when I got home. If someone told on me. I believe that this song will identify with may people. Enjoy :)

Don McNatt

Don Mc Natt showed up one day at Bost Harley Davidson to hear his wife playing the NashvilleEar.com Songwriter Stage. His wife Karen McNatt was scheduled to play that day. We had one of the normal car wrecks with interstate jams that Nashville is so famous for, so one songwriter was late arriving. Don was nice enough to play few songs for us. I was really impressed.

 Lisa Torres

Her is the beautiful Lisa Torres with her brother equally as beautiful Eric. Lisa is a wonderful vocal experience to enjoy.
Here is her song about selling her soul to Nashville played at the Fontanel one evening.
This is a great song!

Brittany Blaire

Here is how to handle a personal relationship that is ending.
I have known Brittany Blaire Andersen for years. She is an actor as well a singer/songwriter and school teacher.
It takes people like this to make up the songwriter community with creative people.
We are so lucky to have folks like her to help add to our songwriting community.
She is just as nice and talented as she is pretty

This is a video of her playing at the world famous Bluebird Cafe.

Sabrina and Tony Marvelli at Antique Archaeology

Here is a wonderful couple Sabrina and Tony Marvelli. These two songwriters are as good as it gets. There is absolute joy on both their faces when you watch their performances.They write great songs and play professionally all over the eastern seaboard. Sabrina and Tony are real favorites to play house parties in Nashville. This video was made while they were in Nashville playing at Mike Wolfe's "Pickin Corner" hosted by Doc Bennett.


Here is one of the best guitar players I have met in Nashville. I was going to the Back Alley Diner in downtown Nashville one evening to see a guy named Johnathan New. I was looking for people to play my NashvilleEar.com Songwriter Stage held each week at the Gibson Fontanel stage. I needed a few more songwriters to fill out the schedule for a few weeks in the future. Jonathan was really good so I scheduled him for a show the following month.