Rules to Playing at a Songwriter Stage in Nashville

I saw this written by Gary Cavanauagh about playing in Nashville at an open mic night. I totally agree 100%.He stated 7 great points to remember if you are playing in Nashville or anywhere for that matter. I have held songwriters stages at Bost Harley Davidson and at the Fontanel. There are many things that make your fellow players comfortable and things you can do that will not help you in building your songwriter network. There are several things listed here that is just common sense and a few you may not have thought about.

Joel Shewmake

Just to show how this works for you new songwriters...

There is a guy name Joel Shewmake. He is a fantastic songwriter. He is the "Best of the Best " for 2013 awarded by the He has several songs recorded by major country music stars.

Only in Nashville!

Only in Nashville do you see a Harley Davidson motorcycle with a buffalo hide guitar case strapped to its side. Songwriters, and performers take their music very serious and are rarely found without their guitar, demos and extra picks just in case someone wants to do a little co-writing.

Only in Nashvile!