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Songwriting and Music Career advice from Music Industry Experts. Do you love music and dream of writing songs or performing on Nashville stages? The top songwriters in the world call Nashville home! Tourist flock to our city to see the next big artist or hear the next hit song. Co-writing, Open Mic Nights and Paid Music Gigs are the dream of many and the reality of a lucky few. We hope you can use the information in these stories to make all of your music dreams come true.

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 Jamie Anderson

Songwriting mistakes – your mama may still love you but you’ll lose your audience

When I teach songwriting classes, I tell students that if they’re rhyming “fire” with “desire” that they should leave. That joke always gets a giggle. As someone who’s taught songwriting and also judged song contests, I’ve heard this rhyme too many times.

 Marc Alan Barnette

A Trip to Nashville, What to Do? What to Do?

A lot of songwriter’s, artists, interested parties (parents, friends, etc.) are making almost daily pilgrimages to Nashville, much because we are an “IT” CITY, growing and a very vibrant scene.

“Supporting your Local Songwriting Group.”

Since Songwriting is so much of an introverted experience, often it is hard to get out of our own way. But as we are developing that is JUST what we have to do.

Chris Gantry


Songwriting has nothing to do with winning awards for songwriting; songwriting is a sacred art, and yes , we want to be praised in private and in public for our works, but any songwriter worth their salt knows the acts of men are temporal while the acts of God are eternal..

Marc Alan Barnette

What about the Next? - (Part 1)

It happens almost every day that I get an email, private message, Facebook, etc. from people who are “PRIMARILY SONGWRITERS’ (Not performers) who are trying to find out “What is NEXT for my music?” Well, sometimes, unfortunately, there IS NO NEXT.

Marc Alan Barnette

What about the Next? - (Part 2) - Things You Can Do

Okay, we’ve analyzed the problems, now what can you do?

Kurt Fortmeyer

A night at the Bluebird Cafe with Kurt Fortmeyer

Kurt Fortmeyer is a songwriters songwriter. He lives songwriting in everything he does. Conversations with him will bring thoughts of song hooks. Kurt is not only a great songwriter and a spreader of his craft but he is also a Chicken Wrangler who has wonderful foul.

Lance Cowan

A Night At The Bluebird Cafe with Lance Cowan

Songwriters come in many types. This songwriter will grab your heart and sing it into a calm soothing memory. Lyrics from Lance Cowan are like musical magic that enters the ears and then the heart. Listen to some great songs uniquely crafted by a songwriting craftsman.

Marc Alan Barnette

Tone, Attitude and Perspective

I had someone yesterday put a song up on Facebook, asking for opinions on the song. Kind of a dangerous thing to do, first because songs that are not finished are not really ready to put out. They usually keep changing and you will probably get fifty million opinions.

Mitch Ballard

How to get a Running Start in Nashville.

One of the most common questions I get from new writers is how to get started in Nashville. At least once a day, I receive either an e-mail from our web site, or a phone call from a writer planning to move to town.

Songwriter Showcase

Ashley McBryde

"I hear the crowd, I look around, and I can't find one empty chair. Not bad for a girl going nowhere" sings Ashley McBryde on "Girl Goin' Nowhere," the seminal title track from her forthcoming LP.

Doc Holladay

Voted as one of the top three singer/songwriters in Nashville 4 years running in the 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Nashville Scene "Best Of Nashville" readers poll, Doc Holladay has become one of the most in-demand talents around, while also managing to work as a full time Optometrist.

Mike Shipley

My first paying gig was when I was 15. Sitting outside of a pawn shop, on a stool playing a guitar. Drawing people inside, back in 1967. I got 5 bucks an hour, a pack of Winston cigaretts, and could play any of the guitars he had in the shop.