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Chris Gantry

The Process

Some of us are crowned as kings, and some of us are loyalists to kings,. Kingship has never rained on me although I've been blessed to be blood brothers with royalty,.

Chris Gantry

Writing about fears

Songwriting has nothing to do with winning awards for songwriting; songwriting is a sacred art, and yes , we want to be praised in private and in public for our works, but any songwriter worth their salt knows the acts of men are temporal while the acts of God are eternal..

Chris Gantry

Songwriting Confidential (The old days)

Living with William J Cedzich, my father, was like living in a house with a human bulldozer, whose fingers could play those moving minor key Slavic dirges on a Steinway grand piano that could make you weep.

 Marc Alan Barnette

Leaving out the when.

Someone reading this (how can that be?) mentioned that I left out the "WHEN" in my "Who What When, How, Where, part. Sorry about this. I'm new to this blog thing.

Chris Gantry

Songwriting Confidential (Evangelistic scams)

Evangelists hail from the order of the Tongue,.they have trained their Tongue's to do amazing feats from getting you to believe you're a terribly wrong sick individual as they reach into your pockets and abscond with your coinage..

Chris Gantry

The Message Bearer

As songwriters, it's the inside of the song we are to get to,..the core of the song is what when planted, reproduces itself in the spirit of the listener.

Chris Gantry

Art and the Creative Process

The narrow rocky path has always been the path of the artist..

To throw oneself blindly into the streaming rugged winds of the muse is beyond stupidity or courageousness,. It is a choice-less vendetta against those pilgrims tempted by the flame of Art,.

Chris Gantry

Songwriting Confidential (Guitar playing)

I love playing the guitar; as with anything one does we strive to get to that sweet spot where everything is in perfect harmony with the moment.

Chris Gantry

Why we write songs

You know the special one you picture in your mind who you know so well, so intimately on so many levels, that when they do something or say something so provocatively innocent your immediately drenched in rivers of tenderness flooding through and over you wave after wave?

Holy Process

Land in a place where your celebrated, not tolerated.
A caustic deprecating word can tip a young writer off their axis of enthusiasm,..Positive advice is a God send..

Songwriter Showcase

"I hear the crowd, I look around, and I can't find one empty chair. Not bad for a girl going nowhere" sings Ashley McBryde on "Girl Goin' Nowhere," the seminal title track from her forthcoming LP. They're words built from experience: over the course of her life, McBryde's been finding her own way to fill those seats and sway those hearts since the very first time her teacher told her that her dreams of writing songs in Nashville would never see the light of day. Every time she was brought down, she persevered; trusting her timeless tone and keen, unwavering eye for the truth. It paid off.

Voted as one of the top three singer/songwriters in Nashville 4 years running in the 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Nashville Scene "Best Of Nashville" readers poll, Doc Holladay has become one of the most in-demand talents around, while also managing to work as a full time Optometrist.

My first paying gig was when I was 15. Sitting outside of a pawn shop, on a stool playing a guitar. Drawing people inside, back in 1967. I got 5 bucks an hour, a pack of Winston cigaretts, and could play any of the guitars he had in the shop. It was an after school gig, a couple hours every day for quite awhile. I was 17 when I started my 1st band. Didn't have drummer, I did have a lead guitar, a bass, a girl singer, and myself singing and playing guitar, and a guy that "Rattled Elk Ribs, and other Bones" for a beat. Different but real cool back then.