Kurt Fortmeyer about songwriting in Nashville

Here is a veteran songwriter Kurt Fortmeyer who was kind enough to sit with me and explain how songwriting really works in Nashville.
His story is of packing his things and coming to Nashville to write songs. Kurt has an earthy down home goodness to his soul.

Clay Myers & Rick Barker

If you are a songwriter you need to learn how things work in the music business. Here is a good tutorial on songwriting along with things you need to know to be successful.

Interview with Nashville publisher Bobby Rymer

Songwriter Colton Jones asks Music Row veteran Bobby Rymer, for some tips to help songwriters who want to make it their career.
This discussion is a wealth of information for the songwriter who wants to make it here in Nashville.

 Bluebird Cafe.

Barbara Cloyd is one of Nashville's treasures who runs the Bluebird Cafe.
Here is a lady who knows her business and is nice enough to pass on her experience.
Listen to this video and learn some tips and tricks to be professional when onstage.

Jason Blume

I recently hosted one of my monthly BMI Nashville Songwriter Workshops where each of the fifty attendees had an opportunity to pitch one song to a successful publisher. As is typically the case at these workshops, with few exceptions, every song played was perfectly crafted. The writers have mastered the use of current song structures; the lyrics made sense and were well written; rhymes were where my ear expected them to be; and the melodies worked well with the chords—avoiding any dissonance. Yet the publisher took copies of only five songs—ten percent of those that were pitched.



Over the last decade of working with some of music’s top producers, recording artists, and songwriters, I started noticing similar personality traits and habits of these highly creative people. These professionals possessed a certain mindset that allowed them to perform at a high level and do it effortlessly. Their personal habits funneled their energy into a kind of creative vortex. I’ve listed 7 of these habits here. There are more, but these are the 7 that almost all of these pros had mastered.

20 Tips on Songwriting

Every songwriter goes through times when the inspiration just seems to dry up, and the perspiration doesn't seem to be working. Debbie Poyser offers some guidance.

Jim Huish and his version of "The Cup Song"

Do you want to see how to get your band noticed? Our old friend Jim Huish did it with "The Cup Song" and a few guns. This video went viral on the Internet. Jim has over 3 million views of this song. Many have gone to see his band website http://www.AmbersDrive.com . His singing is pitch perfect as well as his handling of his guns. This is how to get noticed.

Jason Howard

Here is Jason Howard at the Pavilion Coffee House playing a song about communication or the lack of communication with your spouse.
It is a jazzy piece he played for us at the Pavilion Coffee House. It was the highlight song of his set in my opinion.Jason is a really good guitar player and his vocals are strong and powerful.You will enjoy this song. It is titled:
"How Would I Know?"

Dwayna Litz

Here is the amazing Dwayna Litz singing " I Forgive You" off her new CD .
Dwayna sent me her new CD to review the music and let her know what I thought.
below is the review. You will see that I liked it quite a bit. This is a great collection of songs well worth the listening.

Nashville Ear Review
CD by Dwayna Litz
"I'm The Girl I Used To Know Again"